John Cargill & his '75 Triumph

When I bought my 1975 Spitfire 6 years ago, I had only driven it briefly. It felt sound and rattle free! The previous owner had put an entirely new top, boot, and interior down to the door trims and the rugs, and the selling price was less than what those would cost. The body was pretty good with a nice driver quality paint job. About a mile from his house I hit the Illinois tollway and it started to rain. Only one small leak and it had decent power. Upon hitting the ramp to another road, when I took my foot off of the accelerator it let out a loud bang and blew the muffler pipe off. Upon investigation I found that the Weber, first of all was on a manifold without heat so it's still cold blooded, but the mixture screw was 9 turns out. Unused to carburetors, he had conquered poor starting by ignoring the choke and just running it rich. In a few minutes with a screw driver that was gone. He sold it basically because he couldn't drive it any distance. So I started out with a pretty solid car. A magnet later showed only filler on one rear quarter in a small area, and two small half dollar sized rust spots. They haven't grown as it is only driven in the dry and stored in a dry warehouse in the winter. One forgets carburetors are unfamiliar to many professional mechanics these days.