Marvin Dean Cox 1980 TR8

In 1982 while in the US Air Force and stationed in Iceland, I decided I wanted to buy a TR8 coupe. I began to call back to the Triumph dealers in the US. I found out there were very few TR8 coupes made, but there was one in Chicago and one in Orlando that were still available for purchase. Being in Iceland at the time, I asked myself where I would rather travel to, so I called the Orlando Triumph dealer and bought the car. When I left Iceland, I flew to Orlando and was met at the airport by the salesman with the car. I have had it ever since. 
I retired from the Air Force in 1999 and worked as a contractor in the Pentagon until 2010. The TR8 was in the North Parking lot of the Pentagon on 9/11, and was featured in an almost full page article in The Washington Times newspaper on February 9, 2007, "Out of the Past" by Vern Parker. My TR8, VIN TCN160007UCF, resides with me in Eagle River, Alaska and is frequently shown in local car shows during the Alaskan summer. It remains a joy to drive and a guaranteed lift to my spirits.