Daniel Harris & his '77 MGB

I retired after 25 years with AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals. I'm 1994 I left field sales to go work in human resources in corporate headquarters in Wilmington, DE. When you leave the field you lose your company car and are given a small stipend to purchase a car to drive to work. I received $3800.00. I had always wanted an MG and a friend of mine in the office told me where I could find one on consignment. I saw the car and fell in love. I told them how much money I had and they said, “That will work.” After 18 years, new interior, top, wire wheels and some minor work on the brakes and a few electrical issues, I am still driving this little beauty almost every day. She runs great and I keep her garaged and very well maintained. I had a great career with my company and I am very thankful that they had that policy to make me buy a car. What a stroke of luck. I will always have my little roadster!! She had been in an issue of the parts catalog.