Mkcade Eilmann 1979 TR7

This TR7 was originally my grandfathers, as I grew up I watched this car sit in his garage. Throughout the years the TR7 accumulated many problems, with its electrical system, things past mine and my grandfather’s repair. When my grandfather passed away I had decided that I wanted nothing to do with the car so I sold it. When I hit 15 my parents and I took a trip back to my grandparent’s house to move my grandmother to our city, when we passed a little auto shop with a brown TR7 out front. It was beautiful so we went to see if it was for sale and it turns out that it was my grandfathers, so we bought it. To our advantage the second owner fixed the car right up and I now drive it to this day. I have spent my days restoring my grandfathers TR7 in hopes that one day I will pass it on to my son. This car has taught me many things in the automotive world but mostly it has taught me to care for my possessions and to take pride in my work.