Alan Berry & his '70 MGB

I picked up my 1970 MGB GT from an ad on Craigslist about 6 months ago. I usually have an interesting, but neglected car I work on to resell and make a few bucks. They always have to be drivable, have little to no rust, be pre smog (1975 or earlier) and be purchased for $2-3K. I usually do a little body work, lots of cosmetics but the improvement budget has to be around $1500. It’s amazing what a difference you can make in the car for that paltry sum. 

My last 5 projects have been, 1967 Olds Cutlass 2 door hardtop, 1974 BMW 2002, 1965 Volvo 122s 2 door, 4 speed 1973 Camaro Z-28 Clone and a 1973 MG midget. The current MGB GT is growing on me.

It was stored by previous owner for over 10 years (indoors thankfully) and all the paperwork was missing. On my initial inspection it was evident the car had been cared for at some point. It was very stock and very complete. The interior was in decent condition and just needed a dash cap to cover up the original dried out cracked dash top.

We did a lot of simple work on it to make it road worthy, and now it is a total pleasure to drive. A Monza exhaust made it really sound like a sports car and a little body work on the black paint made it look incredibly sharp with its wire wheels.

I’m amazed at the looks this beauty gets! We just did the rolling British Car Day in San Diego and we had a blast. There were about 120 cars there, and it seemed like half of them were MGB’s. The MGB has to be the most practical classic sports car that can actually be driven on a regular basis without fear of packing (many) tools.