Chris Horant & his '69 Spitfire

After viewing several catalogs from Victoria British and placing several orders, my restoration was finally completed in September of 2000. So here it is: My 1969 Spitfire MK III. The body was repaired, obviously, along with a rebuilt front end, steering tightened, brake system overhauled, interior cleaned (rebuilt or replaced as needed) and a paint color (even though it’s a Ford color) that accents all the early chrome and contrasts the black interior. 

By the way, the license plates are legally registered 1969 MD Plates. The looks and comments we get run the gamut! “What is it?” and “I had a Spitfire back when!” are just a few. It’s neat to go to a Classic Car show and take a plaque or trophy over Chevelles, Novas, Mustangs and others just because it’s unusual, even if it’s not necessarily rare.