Brea Hedrick 1978 MGB

When I was little my father had a ‘60 model MGB in our back yard. As a child I liked to play mechanic and tinker with it and add water to its gas tank :(. Much to my dad's horror when I got older he taught me how to repair all the damage I had done lol. He eventually sold it and found another gem in a little old lady’s yard about an hour or so away from us and begged her to sell it to him. Eventually he wore her down and she sold him the car. It had been sitting for many, many years and the clutch was frozen. I had been helping my father work on his recent MG and saw his irritation and frustration over all the hard work he had put into it with my help of course. And after my dad quit out of frustration I got the bright idea of wedging a stick and a brick between the clutch and the seat. The next morning it had worked and my father jumped up and down and took me for a ride! Eventually hard times came and my father had to sell the little B (he was going to give it to me as I was almost 15). My father was killed when I was 16 and I lost interest in most things for a few years. Then I heard of a little MG in our town and I went to investigate! It was my dad's old car!! I convinced them to sell it to me, and I had it towed to our apartment and started work on it. It had a 6 ft snake living in the engine bay and mice in the wiring, no interior or top and a seized engine. I spent the whole year getting it going and rebuilt. I held out as long as I could, trying to do the engine work myself and had to give up and go to a mechanic. I eventually had a daughter and had to sell the B, I searched for it for a year before I gave up and purchased a different car. Which I have done tons of work to this time as my experience as gotten better and I have been teaching my daughter all about these cars and trying to build a love for them with her as well. She is 12 and I believe she loves them as much as me. I am passing down my father's knowledge and skill that I learned as well as love for these little cars to my daughter as well. 
Brea Hedrick