Wayne Cook & his '78 MGB

I bought my MGB in 1981 with 100,000 miles on it. It captured my imagination with the sign on it which said “Go Topless.” I have done a lot of that over the past 31 years. It was my everyday car for about 8 years until I got a lease car through my job and did not need to drive it every day. It was rusty then and did not look as good as the attached picture. I spent about two years removing every piece of rusty steel on it and replacing these parts with new steel. All of the body parts were bought through Victoria British. Once I got the body work done and the car repainted, I replaced the carpet and the “hood” and it became a “fair weather only” car which it is to this day. I now drive it about 3,000 miles/year to work and for fun, only on fair weather days. My wife jokes about how fussy I am about my MGB. Any little noise or vibration gets my immediate attention. As a result it has proven to be very reliable. The highlight of my mechanical challenges came a few years ago when I needed a new clutch. I opted to do it myself and removed the engine and transmission with a rental hoist in my garage. I got everything back together and the clutch now works great! Over the years, I have replaced a lot of parts through Victoria British. It has been very helpful to have a one-stop shop which always had what I need. I plan to keep this car as long as I am able to drive it. After that, I plane to give it to my daughter or granddaughter. It has been a fun ride for 31 years and should still be many years from now.