David Gifford & his '68 MGB

I have enclosed a recent photograph of my 1968 MGB. This photo was taken in the hills of the Colorado National Monument, just outside of Grand Junction, Colorado. For many years I have received your catalog and hope that my car will merit a cover in your next issue. 

I bought the car after observing it for months rusting away under a tree. It hadn’t driven in years. The owner accepted my offer of $300 and I towed it away. With serious front end damage, no interior and an engine that wouldn’t run, my wife was curious to know how long it would take to get this car back on the road. “oh about six months,” I responded. When she asked how much money this would take, I told her that I guessed it might be as much as $2,000. 

That was in 1992, In 1998, thirty years after it was originally built, I finally got it licensed to be on the road again. Total cost of the restoration: a little over $22,000. My wide has learned to factor everything I say by ten. 

I’ve kept records of the restoration, and you might be interested to know that U.P.S. has delivered $14,161.30 of Victoria British parts to my door. It has moved with us from Colorado to New Mexico, to Kansas, and back to Colorado. 

I am proud to report that the car has won two 1st place trophies in car shows. It is a pleasure to drive and gives both my wife and I a tremendous feeling of accomplishment. 

Thank you for the service you provide and with your vast inventory of parts and supplies. You do the automobile industry a great service by keeping these cars on the road. 

David Gifford