Kathy Nuss 1966 Spitfire

We bought the car in 1997, intending to use it as a donor for another Spitfire restoration. It appeared to be in better shape than the car we were restoring at the time. My wife heard me say something about “his and her Spitfires,” so we kept this one complete. 

It is a Belgian car with a 1500 engine and three-rail transmission. We rebuilt the engine, adding headers and European SUs and manifold, and replaced the transmission with a single rail unit with overdrive. It was back on the road in 2007 and has traveled to Lake Tahoe, Del Mar, San Luis Obispo, Big Bear, San Rafael and Flagstaff.

One more thing about our 1966 Spitfire: It is Kathy’s car; she chose the paint colors, interior, approved and financed the engine rebuild, and rebuilt the suspension.