Darren Atwood 1980 TR7

I bought this TR7 off the original owner about four or five years ago. It had been a daily driver in Edmonton (6.5 hours North), the car had been well maintained. However, the salted winter city streets had taken their toll on the body and it looked every bit 30+ years old. I drove it home in a single shot with the top down the whole way and new I'd found my TR! 

It had to sit in my garage for a couple years before I had the time to start working on her. She still needs some TLC, and I want to give her a brand new interior, but she is pretty easy on the eyes now and gathers lots of attention thanks to Victoria British parts and a whole lot of elbow grease.

I sent a few digital photos to the original owner after I tracked him down and he was so happy to see it looking "just like it did on the Showroom floor" the day he bought it.