Monica Hubanks 1980 TR7

Per my moms account, I have been smitten by Wedges since I was a child. As a teen in 1990 with a freshly printed driver's license, I tried (unsuccessfully) to convince my dad that a white TR7 would be the perfect car. Wasn't until 2008 that I found Spidey in a Los Angeles area Craigslist. Bought him (yes, him) having only been a passenger! Never looked back.
Spidey's claim to fame is that he was in Lady Gaga's Mini Movie. Those arrangements were made just before I purchased him. Now that Spidey looks so much better, I should ask for a part in the sequel. LOL.
Spidey was treated to new paint, decals, upholstery, door cards and sun visors. Then a few months later, I nearly bought the farm in a car run when I ran through a steel pipe and wire fence. Never will the "woman driver" jokes end.
Did you notice the painted bumpers? With the exception of those and the new upholstery, Spidey is basically stock. Would love to keep him like that.
As I usually travel to car events alone, the greatest distance I've gone was to Del Mar for a Triumphest. One nonstop trip (350 miles?) on one tank of gas was fabulous and helped build trust in the car. Look forward to longer travels with my Wedge.
As much as I enjoy my TR7 and year-round driving, I truly LOVE meeting Wedgeheads from all over the United States and Canada. The members of my local British car club, VBAC, my mechanic, the TWOA, and Vicky B, have provided parts, support, and have helped me keep Spidey on the road. Thank you for that!