James Olsen 1964 Spitfire

Way back in 1970 or so, I was a young teenager in New Jersey that on a regular basis admired a red 1964 Spitfire at a neighborhood home, apparently rarely used. I longed to have that car, given the racy styling, cool lights, and especially the way the hood tilted forward as one piece. Being an avid road racing fan, I could just see me sporting around in a spitfire, the envy of all my friends. 
Well, some 40 years later, I found that my wife always wanted a Spitfire when she was in high school but her dad wouldn’t buy her one. In 2009, all the stars and planets aligned while surfing around eBay motors, where I found a red 1964 in which I bid. The bidding ended later in the evening pasty my typical bed time, but I couldn’t go to sleep. Needless to say I was up at midnight checking the bid and I found out I had won! The best part was waking my wife and telling he to pack her stuff, we’re going to Arkansas!
She could not believe what had just transpired! We went and got the car, which was in decent shape. I have been tinkering on it (as required of all Spitfire owners) ever since. We enjoy driving it around and watching the heads turn and the comments people give us.