Anthony Cascio 1968 TR250

My first Triumph was a 1958 TR3A, I kept and restored that over the next 30 years, then in 2012 I purchased a 1965 TR4A, I really loved both of my TR's, but I always wanted a TR250. They are pretty hard to come by and when a very good friend from Delaware, Rhon Jernigan finished his second TR250, I asked if he was willing to sell the car. He hesitated as he usually keeps the cars he restores, but I was able to pry it away from him. Of course in order to buy the car I had to sell my TR3A and the TR4A.
That was a very hard thing to do, but I finally got the car that I always wanted, and I really enjoy driving the 250, it's like having the best of 2 worlds, a TR4 body style with the TR6 drive train. I have driven the TR250 to the last VTR in North Carolina and took second place in participants choice in the 250 class. I have added cruise control and several other upgrades and eventually would like to add a/c. This car is a keeper, but I do miss the TR3 and 4A.