William Selby 1972 Midget

 We purchased the car in 1984 in Casper Wyoming for $380 from Brent Jepson.  The motor started but due to transmission/clutch issues you could not shift nor accelerate the motor.  That fact along with the reality that the front wheels were leaning in at about a 30 degree angle and the tires worn beyond the steel webbing, the car had to be pulled and pushed out of a field and pulled home.
I invited a friend who owned a body shop to give me an estimate but he declared “My my, there is just to much damage to make it worth fixing.”  But he followed up, “But did you get this car to work on?”  where upon he said “when you can get it running enough bring it to the shop and you can work on yourself.”  Because of my profession, clergy, I took Thursdays off for a little over one year and did the body work myself.  No putty, all welded.  At the end of the year, the owner painted the car himself for the cost of the paint.  Total Body work cost less than $40.00.
The mechanical work took a little more time and money.  But with a little more than $2200 in parts and doing my own mechanical work (with lots of coaching and phone conversations with Paul Dierschow, Sports Car Craftsmen in Arvada Colorado) the car was safe and running great enough for my son to drive himself and his date for his senior high prom in 1986.   I have often said to my wife as I am ordering new parts to rebuild something else that is broken or worn out “but it only cost us $380.”  Yeah, right!  The only part I have not rebuilt or replaced is the rear differential.

Highlights include touring most of Wyoming and Colorado and going over many passes including Independence Pass, CO (the highest in USA)and to the top of Mount Evans CO, the highest road access in the USA.  Pictures include one of my son, Chris, and I at Independence Pass, my wife, Sherilee, and I just after Guenella Pass in CO, and the 4th of July Parade in Highlands Ranch CO with my granddaughter. 
Another highlight was driving from Colorado to Orion Illinois for my 35th high school class reunion in 114 degree temperatures and rebuilding my carburetors in a rest stop near Grinnell Iowa.  Just another day in an MG Midget...ahhhhhhh.

This is our 30th Anniversary year for Midget Ownership and we have had a hoot!  We have a contract with each other that when we cannot climb out of it then we will consider selling it!”  But next year is our 50th Wedding Anniversary so we will doing something special in the Midget to celebrate.

Glenwood Springs Ralley:   First Place in Class - 1998, 2006, and 2011
Colorado English Motors Conclave:  Second Place in Class 2003, First Place in Class - 2007
MGs in Breckenridge, National Gathering:  Second Place in Class  - 2009