Craig McEwan & his '70 MGB

My addiction started when I was young, the lifeguard at the swim club my parents belonged to drove an MGB, although I didn't know what it was, it was cool. Several years later my older sister dated a fellow while in high school who drove a ‘68 Triumph GT6, dark blue on wires, and that sound, now that was really cool. Then mom really did it, bought a ‘72 spitfire, fun for a 16 year old. When I turned 18 I bought my first car, a ‘73 GT6, drove the fire out that thing! My brothers got into the act also, ‘68 MGB, ‘72 GT6, and a ‘74 spitfire. the ‘74 eventually ended up as a spit6, now talk about a fun car. The brothers are no longer into British cars but I have always owned a British car, gt6, Jensen Healy spitfire, midgets, lotus europa and currently a ‘70 MGB which happens to be my commuter car. I've owned the b for 12 years, pulled it out of a local salvage yard, the only rust in the car was the floor panels, replacements welded in, modern seats and belts installed along with the brakes and fuel system restored, she was road worthy again. Some minor tweaking and sorting, the b has been a very reliable and fun driver over the 12 years I've been driving her. She goes to work with me 4 days a week, 38 mile round trip, mostly interstate, leave at 5am and home at 5pm, then local easy drives on the weekends [aka beer run].