John Claybaugh 1980 Spitfire

We were looking for a corvette. We realized that they were going to cost more than we had to spend at the time. We saw this car listed in Anna, Illinois and decided to go look at it. It was a real nice looker and at a price we could manage at the time. So, we brought it home. It drove real nice. It has the convertible top, the hard top, or you can just have the Tonneau cover on it, depends on your mood. It was driven back and forth to work a few years and then it was put in the barn for restoration. It set in the barn for three years and while I was still working I didn't take time to work on it. On may 8th, 2012 we took it to Kirks auto in Mcleansboro, Illinois and he is still working on it. We hope to get it back by this spring of 2015. He has run in to some problems of finding what he needs. I told him about Victoria British and have ordered many parts from them. When we get it back we are hoping to drive it on Route 66. We really do like it or we would have given up on the restoration.