Tom Rice 1973 Lotus

I have owned the 1973 Europa since 1984, purchased in Palmdale, California. Drove it around the SO.CAL. area, rebuilt the twin cam engine and I joined the Navy in 1986. From there I was stationed at Naval Air Station, Whidbey Island, WA. The Lotus then began 20 years on and off in storage. I was able to drive/work on it between deployments but nothing major. Went to Japan for 5 years and Italy for 3, in between was stationed at Tinker AFB Oklahoma while the Lotus stayed in Washington. I finally retired in 2007 from the Navy, moved back to Oklahoma, and in 2008 started the restoration project of a well preserved 30 year old Lotus with 55,000 miles on it. I took my time paying attention to the details and quirks of a British sports car and finished up in 2012 more or less...nothing is really done. The Lotus has been a real joy to drive with its road handling abilities and you can't let it sit too long in one place since it draws a crowd and the questions abound. You also have to be your own mechanic (most older British cars are like this) since no one will touch it. Anyway that's the JOY and Frustration of having one and keeping it running.