Tyler Sprague 1971 Midget

I purchased my 1971 MG Midget at the age of 17, as a school project. I am just now getting ready to turn 21 and it is now finally legal to drive and has been partially restored. I was supposed to have the car completed by my senior year of high school to pass a class. Well I passed the class by saying it was a work in progress still. Now almost 3 years after I have graduated it's finally getting close to being done. But I realize I will never be done working on this car I will always want to change something on it or work on it. The trip to get the car will be one I will always remember. My dad and I drove 3 hours to get the car and once we got there I fell in love immediately with the car. So we loaded the car up on a car dolly and headed back home. The tires on the car had decent tread on them so we figured no issues and about twenty miles down the interest state we had both back tire blow out on us. Once we got the tires off of the car it was time to find a local tire shop with thirteen’s and tubes for it. Finally we found some and headed home to finish the trip. Now that the car is done I can't stop driving it. I love my British sports car.