Dale Wright 1962 Daimler

I traded an AH3000 MK3 for this car in 1969. It was the second time I had owned a Dart, the first was in 1960 when I traded an Alfa 1300 for a used A-spec car (chassis#248). This 1962 B-spec (chassis#849) and I have covered about 120,000 miles together; less than 10,000 of them in the past 20+ years. As is so typical with classic British sports cars, mine had a mechanical problem and was parked in the garage for a dozen years or so. In about 2003, I started to try and bring it back to life. In 2004, I recognized the futility of the self-restoration/revival, and sent the car off for a "just bring it to life as a driver" treatment. Four+ years later, after a full body-off restoration and modernization, we were back on the road. Oh, in the restoration time period, I bought another Dart (Chassis#101059) to fill that void in my life. I mention the chassis #'s because with only about 2,500 made, and probably 300 remaining in the US, that number allows enthusiasts to identify year of manufacture. I sold 101059 when 100849 was almost ready in 2008. Since 2009 we have been going to shows, drives and meets, and have had the pleasure of meeting hundreds of fellow classic British sports car enthusiasts. For 2014 we will be in Townsend TN for the May 10th show, Hot Springs AR for the May 23-25 weekend, Schwenksville PA Aug. 2nd, Watkins Glen Sept. 5-7, and any number of other TBD's. If you attend any of these events, please stop and say "Hi".