Harry MacLean & his '80 MGB

The year was around 1989, I had always wanted a MG after riding in an “A” as a kid. I had been through muscle cars earlier in life and raced cars as well. I always remembered how fun they were to ride and drive. Looking in the newspaper I saw a ’78 B for sale, not knowing what it was like I went out to look at it. It has only the engine block in it as the engine had blown up. The trunk was locked so I couldn’t see anything in that. It wasn’t too bad out of shape for a Michigan car. The owner wasn’t around but I could see that this was a small junk yard and I called the guy. We haggled on the price as the guy didn’t want to deliver the car without extra money to tow it to my house. He finally relented after threatening to take the car to the junkyard. But he knew I’d give him more. that was February of that year. After looking around I found an engine that they would only sell me the bottom half. I drilled out the trunk lock and found the intake/exhaust manifolds as well as pistons and rods. I only needed a cylinder head and distributor now. I found a cylinder head and bought a new dist and got the car running 2 months later. I started to drive it after another month of checking and getting thing just right to drive. I joined a local car club and kept the car another 7 years. By that time I had replaced the tired oil burning engine that I had put in with a fresh overhauled one, rebuilt the rear end as the one in the car exploded on me going down the road as I shifted to third gear. I was in the midst of fixing the body up when I sold it due to moving and needing some more money for expenses. 5 years later the “bug” hit me again and I bought another “B” from a lady in South Carolina. This car had wiring “issues” lol. Having been a mechanic all my life I got a Haynes manual and blew up the diagram page and dove in to fix it. It was pretty much a disaster, it had been cut, burned and pieces were missing. But with frantic phone calls to our wiring expert here in our local club, I was able to fix it all in a short time, and the car was on the road with me having my fun with it. My first B was Tahiti Blue and now this one is Vermillion Red. If it comes to the point where I can’t drive the “B” any longer, one of my sons will gladly take it off my hands as they have found the value of a fun car to drive… this is my current car.