Richard Sypher & his '59 Bugeye

I took my first ride in a "Bug-Eye" Sprite in August 1960 at age 15. Suddenly I was in "love." Yes, this relationship began before "girls" arrived in my life. Girls are incredible people; my mother and two daughters are great examples. But, even they aren't Bugeye Sprites.
In July 1967 -- as a new soldier and defender of all that was good -- I spotted a Bugeye for sale in Tacoma. Price: $695 for the whole car, bumper to bumper, including the hardtop, side curtains and convertible components.
That was 47 years ago. Despite my love for the car, most of the great things that I planned to do for it somehow flitted away as "life" went on. The money I needed for the work never seemed to be available, as two wives passed through with other ideas. I drove the car and had fixed many small things, but my plans to really spruce it up have never came to be. And that, my friends, is just wrong!
Hope springs eternal, however, and as a retiree on limited income I'm embarking on what I hope will be an at least partial restoration of her. The right way would be finding a restoration specialist to do the job completely and correctly. But since I haven't won the lotto recently, that little option seems out of the question. 
So this is my story -- one with a beginning but, alas, no end in sight. Many of you out there may have stood in my shoes. As for me, I have no excuses. My Bugeye should have been properly restored years ago. The car isn't for sale, though. I'm just stubborn enough to keep it until the end.
Unlike the two ex-wives I mentioned, my Bugeye is worth it.