Tom Shroder 1960 3000

The attached photographs are a few pictures taken during the restoration of the two Austin Healey 3000’s and the red MGB which were completed during the final days of the shop that my Uncle R.W. Baker (Uncle Bear) called Hillwood Healey’s. The shop was part of Hillwood Farm near Pickton, Texas where he and my Aunt Judith lived for 25 years. The shop was an evolution of a life-long interest in collectable cars which included a complete set of Crosley cars and trucks in addition to the British cars. The shop was operated for several years with many folks involved including the mechanic, Joe Lee Murray, who is in the pictures with Uncle Bear. 
In a final and typically generous gesture before selling Hillwood Farm, Uncle Bear restored the Blue and White 1960 AH3000 for me and the red 1976 MGB for my brother-in-law Jim Hansen who can be seen driving it around Topeka on nice days. Jim and I provided some of the sanding and buffing but mainly stood back and let the real builders do their work. The red 1962 AH3000 in the pictures is the one that Uncle Bear restored for himself and it is now kept in a car museum of drivable collectable cars in Clifton, Texas. Before heading off to travel the world, Uncle Bear gave Joe Lee two more assignments that are currently being completed in Joe’s shop. Soon there will be a 1967 AH3000 and another MGB which will find homes with some fortunate new owners.
The main message in the pictures is one of persistence and patience that pays off in the end. Perhaps it might inspire someone who has made it to some stage of the process to get back with it and realize the dream of finishing one of these remarkable cars. It would also be good to note the contribution of a ready source of parts for these cars, mainly through Victoria British and others who share the passion for bringing these machines back to life.