Jeremy Kinsey & his '74 1/2 MGB

In the Spring of 1994 I drug the rusted out shell of a 1974 1/2 MGB to my parent’s house with the intention of starting a father son project. Paid for with my $300 rent money and $50 borrowed from my mother for the tow, so began a 17 year long restoration project. Torn apart in 1994, painted in 1998, reassembled in 2007 and completed 2011, some 20 years later we're driving her and loving every minute of it. The restoration saw the birth of a family business, marriage, operations, broken bones, the birth of my first son, and the death of a dear family friend who painted our little B. We drive the MG every chance we get, mostly weekends to car shows, cruise ins or just for the fun of it. This car was painstakingly restored with love by its owners in every detail and is comprised of primarily VB parts, saved every receipt, every cancelled check, everything! My brother-in-law, myself and my dad are pictured in the before shot!