Carol Gough 1976 Spitfire

I bought this car off of a friend of my husband, and although it was in pretty sad shape when I got it, my husband assured me that it would look better with some fresh paint and a new interior. As he was stripping the car to repaint, it was obvious that there was some severe rust that had been covered over with fiberglass patches. I was anxious to drive the car, but my husband once again assured me that it would be far better to do a proper restoration on this than to "just put a band aid on it." He worked very hard to cut out the rusty sections, in some areas 3 layers deep, and weld in new pieces, some of which he made himself. We ended up removing all the paint together, and ordered a complete interior kit from Victoria British. With all the bodywork completed and a fresh paint job and new interior, it looks like a brand new car!