Bradley Schultz 1976 TR7

I purchased the TR7 in 1982. Unknown to me the prior owner did not take care of it as it should have been. Almost every part of the car other than the body is new. I have had this car apart to the point when I rebuilt the engine in my basement one winter. It was repainted original BRG in 1984. And has never been waxed. Original mileage was 65,000 in 1982. Mileage is now at 92,000. 
When I walk inside my garage, I can smell this car as soon as the door opens. I must say British cars do have that distinctive smell. Currently I am doing another carb rebuild as one of the two Zenith carbs has lost its tune. Most likely due to wear. My X hated this car from day one.....but, I still have the car.... I have been told this is the prettiest TR7 in Wisconsin. Not sure about that, but it was nice to hear, as I am the only one that has worked on the since my purchase. I've not ever seen a 7 with the vinyl top and sunroof. 

Keep em on the road!