Brock Jones 1952 MG TD

Early On

The MG has been there since the beginning of my parent’s relationship and was a wedding anniversary gift from my Mother to my Father. The car was the natural progression from a Bug Eye Sprite, their first foray into British motoring, to a little more refined automobile. 

I remember the car club, the car shows, rallies and remember fondly the time Mom was a copilot to a blindfolded husband, while making their way through an obstacle course. Thought for sure that they would hit something and we would be walking home, but they finished the course unscathed. Dad even rigged up a flexible post on the front of the car that would honk the horn if someone or something got to close to his cherished MG. To this day it is always a conversation starter from those not familiar with the car. 

The Garage Years

One reason I knew my parents loved us kids is because when we came along, the MG sat on the sidelines. Yes, there were occasional drives and washing it was a given during the warm months in the Midwest, Dad even used it to drive to work when the weather allowed. However, money normally spent on the car was now going to provide for three children and all that comes with that. Now the car was still taken care of but sat nearly dormant for many years. 

As my brother, sister and I started to drive and become interested in cars the MG was suddenly front and center again, as our interest in cars raised questions, about why his car was still covered and in the garage. Well that was all it took and the MG was once again an active part of the family. Summer time was once again car show season and it was just not Mom and Dad who were now enjoying the MG. It was always a fight over who got to ride shotgun first with Dad, because, as you know, there are only two seats. We took it everywhere and although it was not cool to hang with your parents when you are a teenager, it was still cool to arrive to school in the MG. 

Eventually we all went off to school, I to the military and started families of our own, which basically allowed Mom and Dad to relive a second childhood and most of their time was spent with friends from the club or driving to events all over the country. The car even got to make a couple laps around the hallowed ground of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, while on a club excursion to a National MG event. 

As time passed my time in the military came and went and I was back home and getting to rekindle my relationship with Dad and the MG. As time went on the torch was passed, so to speak and I became involved with not only taking part in club activities but helping be a part of organizing the Kansas City All British Car and Cycle Show, which was held this last week. I am so proud to show Dads car and the look on his face when he accepted the second place ribbon for his car this year, well as they say, that is priceless. 

It is truly amazing to me how this British car can be so much more than just a car, that I now not only enjoy with Dad but with my wife and daughter. 

And the torch gets passed again.