Olin Reed & his '77 MGB

In the summer of 2010 (I was 12 at the time) I was in Vermont visiting my dad. Close to the time for me to leave back home to Texas, we decided to go to the Stowe Car Show. I loved cars at the time, but mostly American muscle. Well, on our way there we saw a ‘70s Fiat Spider. This got my dad going on his first car, which I didn’t really care about at the time. Anyway, he proceeded to tell me that his first car was a 1974 Fiat Spider, just like the one that we saw, and how that was the best yet worst car he ever owned. He said it was a mechanical and electrical nightmare, but so much fun to drive. He ended up having to sell it to a junkyard because it was basically rusted in half.


Well we finally got to the car show, which was a relief to me because I didn’t have to listen to my dad’s childhood stories. The car show was a great one, hundreds of beautiful cars. Every time we ran across an MG, my dad would say, “this is what I want when you get rich Olin.” Oddly enough, about half way through we ran into my dad’s junior high teacher who collects MG’s. They talk and talked while I admired a ’69 Camaro SS next to it. They finally got through talking and we went on, my dad still telling me about MG’s.


About a week later we went to another small car show at an ice cream place in Hyde Park, Vermont. About 20-30 cars in all, but very nice. There we saw another Camaro, which I loved, but there was also an MGA (?). Which again he said, “that’s what I want when you get rich Olin.” But none of this MG business really sunk in, I mean, they are just weird little cars right?


Fast forward to November of 2011. My step-dad was taking me to school, when somehow my dad and cars came up. I then told my step-dad that my dad had always wanted an MG and how his junior high teacher collects them. Well, oddly enough, a friend of my step-dad’s had two MGB’s at his used car lot. He had been talking to a friend who had told him he should come buy these two little cars. Again I didn’t really take it into consideration, just something to tell my dad.


Fast forward a week or so. On the way home from school my mom asked if I wanted to go look at the MG’s, which caught me off guard. I hadn’t thought about them since that talk with my step-dad. I reluctantly agreed, so here my adventure begins.


Turns out they were a 1977 and 1972 MGB Roadster. They were in pretty rough shape, the guy had done some little work to them, and the 1977 ran. Other than that, they had sat for months, the 1972 since ’79. But I fell in love with them, something about these two little British sports cars made me stop and stare. And just one coincident, he had a 1979 Fiat Spider, another restoration project waiting to happen.


I had a talk with my dad, who’s a big classic car buff. He said I shouldn’t buy them, that they were a money pit and a nightmare to work on. We ended up buying them along with the Spider a week later against his warnings. The Mg’s would be mine while the Fiat would be my mom’s. We brought them home and I tore into the ’77.

I am now still working on the ’77, not making it a show car but a driver. The ’72 will also be a driver but a much nicer one. The ’77 runs and drives well, all electrics work which was a nightmare, but hey, it’s British. I plan on finishing them both before I turn 16 (I’m 14 at the moment). I love my cars, work on them all the time, basically every day. I’m learning to weld and paint, do all things by myself or with my step-dad (or mgexperience.com). These cars have changed my life dramatically, in a good way of course. before them I was a big time gamer, not going anywhere. Now I plan on going to a restoration college, and opening a Classic European Restoration shop, and do what I love, working on little quirky cars.