Mark Whidden 1972 MGB

The tale begins back in 1967. I was going graduate high school. My dad told me we had orders to Frankfort Germany. Dad was with the CIA. He drove a “Bug Eye” Austin Healey Sprite as a work car. Dad informed me I had to choose between going to Germany after graduation or join the military. He wasn’t going to leave me here in the U.S. At that time you could not export an imported car, so after enlisting in the U.S. Air Force, I became the proud owner of the Austin Healey. Dad and family spent 3 years in Germany and were then sent to the island of Okinawa. When his tour was up 2 years later, Dad ordered a new 1972 MGB. When the car arrived in the U.S. Dad picked it up in New Jersey right off the ship. He drove it for many years. Mechanical problems forced Dad to put the car into the garage and there it stayed for many years until Mom told Dad to get rid of it or fix it. Being the mechanic in the family, I inherited the orange “B”. I brought it home to Delaware, invested a few dollars, a little sweat, and now I drive it when I want too. I have kept it as I got from dad, original paint and all. The car won’t win any trophies at shows but it still has folks turning their heads and asking questions about the car. I plan to keep driving the car for some time then passing it on to my oldest son who is married to a very delightful British girl.