Gene Rodgers 1977 MGB

When my niece graduated from high school in 1979 her parents bought her a 1977 MG convertible. She spent many happy times driving her MG which she called “Baby.” She had a very close relationship with her dad, so of course when she had mechanical problems she always called on him. Her dad passed away with cancer 5 years ago. My niece had stopped driving her MG and parked it in her garage, but couldn’t part with it because of so many good memories. When we visited her last year in Utah she gave me the MG because I was very close to her dad and she knew I would give “Baby” a good home. I took it back to Montana and worked on the engine until I had it running good again, put new tires on, and spent many hours painting it. The convertible top was no longer any good, so I purchased a new bonnet for “Baby.” My wife and I are retired and enjoy traveling around in the MG with the top down on sunny days. We think of my brother and niece in our travels.