Ray Carrell 1977 MGB

Almost a disaster! This is about my adventure driving my ’77 MGB through the San Juan Mountains in Colorado. I had purchased this car in Kansas City last year. About a month ago I took a ride to Durango, Colorado from where I live in Montrose, Colorado. I was driving down Molas Pass when I lost my brakes. Of course this led to quite a pucker factor! I started down shifting and using the emergency brake in order to stop (for a little while I thought I was going to have to take the car against the mountain in order to stop. The other side was a steep drop off!) I had the car towed to Durango and spent 4 days there getting parts shipped air in order to get the car fixed. It needed a new master cylinder, even though I had just replaced it 6 months prior to this event.  I also had the rear wheel cylinders replaced and the front like. This is my second MGB (I purchased the first one a couple of months before this one and sold it in replacement of my current one.) I always wanted on many years ago but children and finances prevented me from purchasing one. Funny thing is that the car I now have was originally sold from a dealership in Kansas City right down from where I lived at in Kansas City at the time! Small world… anyway, I am really enjoying my B and get a lot of looks and comments whenever I am out. Great car, saved from disaster!