Scott Brooks 1978 Spitfire

My wife and I bought our little ’78 Spitfire last November for $2,000. It was in great condition mechanically, but had been a well loved daily driver for over 30 years and the interior and paint were showing their age. We took it on ourselves to restore the interior using LOTS of parts and pieces from Victoria British. I’ve always loved little British cars, but when I was 6, I went to a car auction with my dad and saw the most beautiful blue ’57 Thunderbird, and that color had always stayed with me. When it came time to contact the painter, I did some online research and found out that the color was called “Starmist Blu,” used by Ford in 1957. Luckily, it was still available, and turned our Spitfire into an instant classic. It turns heads wherever it goes, and it goes everywhere. Using, we are spending our spring and summer going to a different drive-in every weekend, taking the most rural country routes we can find. The adventure is getting there, and we love every minute on the road. Here’s to seeing what lies on the road ahead!