Karen Brooks 1977 MGB

My 12 year old daughter and I were on one of our “where to now?” motorcycle rides one hot day in July ’09, when she asked me if I’d noticed the little green car by Grandma’s work. I replied that I had noticed it for several weeks and she asked if we could go look at him. We took him for a test drive and feel in love. The temperature was around 100 degrees, we were sweltering, but loved the little rattly, squeaky, topless, MG. For about a week I thought about how to go about buying the car, then decided to just jump in and do an even trade with my car that I only had one payment left on, crazy? Yes… do I regret it? No! This made our little MGB our only vehicle and though that had been a trial over the years, I have learned a lot about working on an MGB. We love him more than ever! This year my daughter is 15 years old, and is going to be added to MoGo’s title next year so that our little green treasure will live on.