Ed Rogus & his '74 MGB

In 1978 I received a job offer from a company in Austin, TX. After discussing it with my wife, we decided to leave the cold winters of PA for the hot summers of TX. More opportunities to drive our 1974 MGB with the top down! We sold our other car, and in April of 1978 (during a snowstorm, no less) we piled into the MG with our Siamese cat in an old fashioned wooden cat carrier and started the trek to Austin. After a few miles, we knew the cat carrier wasn’t going to be much help in containing the yowls of a Siamese so we gave her a kitty tranquilizer and let her out of her carrier. She rode most of the way on the front floorboard. It took us three days to make the journey – from a snowy beginning to a sunny, warm ending in TX. We still live in Austin, and the MG still lives in our garage, albeit with a new interior, new seats, and fresh paint. It’s been through our two sons who drove it to school and seems to be destined for our grandson when he is old enough to drive!