Richard Burkart & his '77 MGB

My uncle a retired NASA “Rocket Scientist” purchased this 1977 MGB from a friend, with the intent of upgrading the running gear Ford. After contacting Johns Cars out of Dallas, Texas, the plans were drawn up to fit a Ford V6 and a Ford C-4 transmission in place. This was a 2 year secret project, but on Christmas day, 1980 he drove it up to the door and gave her to my Aunt. The 3 lived happily ever after, driving to the lake cottage of the weekends, and local shows, winning lots of trophies. In 1986, I inherited this little classic. So I got to work, pulling the motor and transmission for a complete rebuild, a color change from Mallard Green to MG Flame Red, and an interior change from Tan to Black. I reconditioned the wheels to like new; I installed new tires, and then came a new top and boot. I replaced all of the old gauges with new VDO, even the clock works, new suspension and exhaust. She is a great car, lots of fun to drive, now I’m getting to old to get in and out of her so now the prospect of selling her is on the horizon. But for the last 24 years our family has enjoyed owning this Classic British Touring Car.