Gord Podolski & his '70 MGB

I purchased my MGB in 1978, unfortunately at that time all parts had to be ordered through Leyland (weeks of wait time and high cost), so the B was put away in storage in my father’s barn. My father passed away two years ago and as we were cleaning out the barn and after browsing sites such as Victoria British and the very helpful catalogue, I was able to determine that the car was sound structurally to merit the investment of time and money to restore. I took a year off and proceeded to strip the car down. After 11 months of work (something every day, either research or working on the car) I had the car completely restored minus the final bodywork and paint. New ragtop, carpet kit, gauges, hydraulics ect. and the car passed the safety and I finally regained the silly grin that we all get when driving these cars! The only thing that I wish is that my father was still around to take the B for a drive… I think of him every time I take it out for a drive!