Matt Lenz & his '73 MGB

In 1984 I bought a 1974 MGB with 60,000 miles on it and it was in good shape except it was a butterscotch color, which we called baby poop tan. Over a period of three years, I upgraded the little car. I pulled the engine and stripped the body completely of all interior and exterior fittings so that I could paint it British Racing Green. I re-assembled it with few ne parts and renovated the seats using a hounds-tooth check fabric in brown and tan. I installed a new tan soft top. Under the hood, I installed a Weber 45 DCOE on a Weber manifold along with a performance exhaust header and Monza Exhaust. I also installed a Mallory dual point centrifugal distributor with new plugs, coil and wires. I stripped out the air pump and other anti-pollution devices, since we lived in a state that did not have any restrictive EPA or DOT law regarding automobiles. Two weeks after I put it on the road, I back into an oncoming truck in a parking lot and smashed the trunk. I knew where there was a hulk of an early MGB sitting in a yard and I bought the whole thing. The hulk was completely rusted and ruined, except for the rear bodywork. I cut off the body on the hulk and cut off the crushed back on my car and welded the old back on the end of my MGB. Then I sent it back to the paint shop. It was like the wreck never happened. Within a year, I had to move out of state and could not afford to take the car with me so I put it up for sale. A young British woman came to look at it and when she found out how I had modified it she bought it immediately. She said that they way I had upgraded it was the way MGB’s were supposed to be. I’ve missed that car so much that I am in the process of repeating it exactly with a 1973 MGB that was originally orange, but is now BRG. Along with an engine rebuild, a few of the upgrades I am incorporating this time include a full interior kit with leather seats and alloy spoke wheels.