Foster Anft 1968 MGB-GT

I was 30 years old the second time I saw a BGT in person. I bought that car. But I was sixteen the first time I saw one: next to a seeming abandoned mechanic shop. It was a basket-case car with a for sale sign on it. Broken glass, faded yellow paint, terminal rust and some scrappy looking wire wheels. I was head over heels for it from that moment. Somehow I convinced my Father to ride up and see it with me. "This is it" I told him. "This is my car!" He Laughed and laughed. "When you can afford to restore one, or have time to do it yourself, then it will be yours... I'm not working on this!" Well the jokes' on him! Fifteen years later guess who's garage my very own BGT spent the winter in? Turns out Dad has a bit of history with little British cars! Perhaps it was a grudge match or maybe it’s really true love. I spent those years scouring the web and the papers, until finally the stars aligned and I found this pretty little driver just two towns north. I’ve had it for over a year now and I’ve spent some of the time learning about the little quirks that happen on these cars and most of the time driving in circles around the county! We pulled the engine over the winter to replace a rear freeze plug. I had one of those 'might as well' moments- might as well replace all the seals and gaskets, might as well repaint the engine bay and the Block! So much to be done with the car it has become a really neat hobby. With a ready supply of parts on-hand from Victoria British, it’s quite an affordable one too!