Dale Ballinger's 1974 Austin-Healey

A Not-So-Tall Tale of Gayle and Dale On The Hoosier Trail … .. again ! 

By Lady Janet Parrott

“The British Are Coming” took on new meaning for the proprietors of a well-hidden dining establishment in the Hoosier forest. As if the morning’s rally wasn’t enough, and without a rally master to lead them astray, Sir Gayle and Sir Dale, not to be curtailed, but unknowingly “in for it” again, with a full contingent of OVAHC swains and fair maidens in tow, hit the hills and dales again in search of the Ye Olde Hidden Cottage Buried In The Vale…more commonly known as The Farmhouse Café and Tea Room in good old Bean Blossom, Indiana (no kidding!). “Challenge before chow” being a recurrent theme in the traditional OVAHC scenario, and as is usually the case, Gayle and Dale’s quest on behalf of their guests was curtailed by vague directional detail. Feeling a bit daft and with the imaginary waft of a fine mug of draft so close and yet so far, hightail it they did. No peril prevailed, and the location was nailed as they turned tail shouting, “We shall not fail, being not frail, we shall journey this elusive trail!” In no time at all (although it seemed longer), the dales and Dale gave way to the proper vale, and they dared to exhale with their senses assailed by gardens galore and the promise of more. With a chorus of “Blimey! By Jove! We’re there!” Gayle was seen falling to the ground, hugging the ankles of a garden gnome. The others headed for the door, mumbling,
“Let’s ‘ave at it.” Food and ale was soon unveiled with ‘umor returned to its usual scale.
Though tummies were balefully brimming with bangers and mash, following the noshing of vittles which fairly sang with the freshness of on-site tending, prepared and served graciously by resident wenches and one luvvly lad (Hank, the Cubs fan), lo, our very own Sir Richard Pratt (who, by crikey, believed one should eat plenty of fat), trotted out a wickedly fudgy cake in honor of Lady Barbara’s birthday. They rang her up and a bawdy birthday anthem was sung to milady in absentia, as she had dutifully remained near manor and hearth to tend to creatures both great and small. Oh, had she only experienced firsthand this tantalizing tour! So it seemed that Richard and John, Janet and Joan, Cindy and Sandy, Nancy and Tom, Skip and, of course, Dale and Gayle, Bob and Carole, Ted and Alice, and Thelma and Louise deemed this a whale of a time. Though they were derailed and lost the trail, they did not fail!