Dave Roadruck 1974 Midget

There was a time I almost died laughing in my sports car.
Back in the 60’s I drove a Spriget (that’s a MG Midget or an Austin Healey Sprite – never could tell the difference). While driving, I found that wearing a seat belt kept me in my seat and allowed me to attack the corners and bumps much more aggressively. Most of my friends knew this and always put on their seat belt when riding with me. This saved me from picking them back up out of the ditch beside the road. The young lady I was dating especially knew of this rule. One day before I picked her up I fastened the seat belt together and pulled them up tight (before retractable seat belts!) knowing that as soon as she sat down she would try to fasten the belt. I was curious to see if she would admit by losing the belt if she was bigger than the last person who was in my car. The laughing part was me when she discreetly tried to fasten the belt then laid them aside hoping I would not notice. The dying part was when I told her what I had done.