Mark Ibenthal's 1962 TR3

Ever since I was in High School I had a "thing" for the Triumph TR-3. A close friend had one complete with the quick release lap belts and when he was done with it, I having no money, offered it to one of my College friends. As she was from Maui, the car was as exotic as she. Many happy times in that car. For example, the time I became airborne after jumping railway track I did not know existed in the dark, the 125 mile ride in the back seat in 5 degree weather, the flat tire in the middle of Iowa at midnight with a flat spare and no jack, the short trip with 7 people to a "cornstalk" concert and so on.

When I graduated College, the very first thing I purchased was a signal red 1962 TR-3. It was a 10 footer but over the 10 years I had the car it won a show or two. It finally went off to the frozen tundra where it still is with the gentleman I sold it to in 1985.

One day I had to pick up my then boss at the Kansas City airport for a couple days of meetings. Our destination was about 4o minutes away and as he had luggage, I removed everything from the trunk including top and side curtains for the trip. All went well until when we were about 4 miles from our destination and you guessed it, a toad choker of a rainstorm came in. We were drenched to the bone and beyond. The water was flowing out of the car when we reached our destination when we opened the doors. It seemed to be waist deep but that is probably an exaggeration. Now that is the way to impress your "big boss". As we have stayed in touch many years later we still can laugh about it. I was a little sheepish feeling at the time. Ah well, had it been an Impala we would not had this piece of commonality so many years on.