Mike Mazoway 1966 MGB

The story begins at an estate auction. I get a 1966 MGB at an unbelievably good price. The car is not perfect, heck it is far from it, but I was not afraid of the challenge. I got the car home, went through the complicated process of registering a 46 year old car without any paperwork, other than a bill of sale from the auctioneer, and was ready to begin a multi-year process of restoring my car. First, change all the fluids. No problems here, heck the oils all looked good and the anti-freeze tested for -30F. Add new gas and fired it up. Ran very well and had decent but not great oil pressure. I fix a couple of fuel leaks, make sure the brakes work and it is off for a short ride to see what else needs immediate attention. 

All was well for the first 10 miles when I got a horrible shudder coming from the rear. I carefully edge the car next to a culvert so I can check the driveshaft. It is fine. Check the tires and one of the 24 year old tires decided it really did not need part of its tread and told it to leave. OK, drive slowly home and I should be OK. As I get closer to home the skies darkened and the monsoons began. Did I mention that my wife told me not go on a test drive as there were severe thunderstorm warnings posted? No problem. Top is stored in the boot. Well, I thought I knew how to erect the top from a trip to Florida in 1976 with a friend in his MGB but someplace along the way some bad beer must have murdered the brain cells that contained that information. Fifteen minutes trying to put up the top, drenched to the bone, and I decide that since I had to drive slowly due to the tire problem, not having it fully attached in the rear should not be a problem. Off I go, wipers on full and all of the lights working. I get about a mile down the road when one of the wiper arms decided that I had seen enough rain and decided to leave for parts unknown. Now I am driving in a monsoon, bad tire, top flapping in the breeze (and slapping the back of my head), and only a passenger side wiper. Now the windshield starts to fog up. No problem, turn on the demister. Nope, Mr. Lucas and Mr. Smith teamed up and invented a blower system that only works when you are testing it or do not need it. Grab the towel behind the seat, nope, sopping wet and when I wiped the inside of the windshield I found out how much grime was there, now it is all spread around and made visibility even worse. Finally I get home, still raining like crazy only to find my wife had closed the garage door to keep the rain out. Climb out of the car, get even more soaked as I try to remember the code and get the door open. Door opens, car in the garage and that is where it sat for a week until I was of the right frame of mind to start fixing the problems. I am sure that the folks at VB were very happy with my order to fix the mechanical and electrical problems discovered on that one 15 mile test drive.