Milo Folley's 1977 MGB

When you drive a 38 year old sports car there's always somebody nearby who gets nostalgic and stops to chat about old MG's. In one parking lot after another I've talked to British ex-pats, guys who had an MG in their college days, grandmothers whose parents bought them one for graduation . . . every trip into town becomes a social event.

My favorite, though, happened when I came out of a Kroger store recently and was getting belted up. I spotted a 60-ish lady heading for me with a smile on her face and a piece of paper in her hand. She explained that she was going to leave this note on my windshield and she started gushing about her MG years.

When she proudly said, "I had two Midgets!" I couldn't stop myself and replied, "How did the rest of your kids come out?"