Paul Lewis 1978 Midget

Early in 1978, Mr. Bernard Hogan, the chairman of British Motors of Sacramento, noticed we had a “glut” of MG Midgets in stock. Mr. Hogan, wanted to give some extra exposure to these cars in an effort to move them out.

He came up with a plan to give all the Sales Consultants a brand new
Midget to drive. The plan being to get these cars out onto the open road so they would be noticed by the buying public.

At that time we had 3 sales ladies and 3 sales men, all of us in our mid-twenties and single. I took delivery of my Midget, it was white with black interior.

I will be the first to admit that at age 27, I was a “Hormone” on two legs. The first place me and my Midget went to get some exposure was the hottest night club in town, E-Pomananders on Exposition Blvd.

The 1970’s being a decade of sexual promiscuity, it wasn’t long before yours truly got lucky and was soon engaging in “Relations” in the company Midget.

The next day at work, I was telling the sales ladies what I had been getting up to in the Midget, the night before.
“No!” “Impossible!” “It can’t be done,” they all exclaimed!

As luck had it there was a Midget on the showroom floor. I therefore had to climb inside and demonstrate to a non-believing audience how it was done.

Wow!! It can be done they all finally admitted as I climbed out of the Midget. Never under estimate the will of a determined Englishman.

Time has finally caught up to me and I now have to use a “Stair Master” to get in and out of my current Midget.