Paul McCalib's 1958 TR3A

There were seven of us guys that ran around together our senior year. I had the Triumph, so I drove most of the time. One day there were five of us in the car when we were traveling down a gravel road, doing 75 mph. Two sitting above the back package tray and three of us in the seats (one on the hump), when the master brake\clutch cylinder went out. We were naturally traveling fast and the brakes stopped working. I tried to down shift but that did not work, I had to pull on the emergency brake that was partially cover by a rider. We finally came to a stop right before we got to the stop sign. Since I could not shift, we pushed the TR in first gear to start then every one jumped in and I took each home, not stopping when one had to jump out. Finally got every one home then myself. Quite an experience.