Sol Cohen's 1978 MGB

Back around 1986 I was a high school student and my second car I purchased was a 1978 MGB.
I had limited funds for parts and I had to go to the local junk yard to buy parts. Every month the junk yard had a cash and carry. You pay 50 dollars and you and a friend carry as many parts as you can for 10 feet and it’s yours for the 50 bucks.
Two weeks before the cash and carry the junk yard hauled in a practically flawless 78 MGB, New top chrome wheels...Conveniently there was an old Oldsmobile with a monster trunk on it. The trunk key was in the latch so I methodically went to work. I took the new top off and lined the trunk as a suit case and placed every part I could possibly take off of the mg as possible. Wheels, dual carbs, starter, heater motor, fans anything I possibly could unscrew. I worked on the MG and stored the parts in the Olds, this took days for me. My bounty was plenty and my time invested was a lot.
Two days before the cash and carry my friend and I tested the weight and integrity of the canvas top. It worked too good, we had room to spare so we had planed to go the day before the cash and carry to grab what crumbs where left on the now stripped mg.
As we made our way to our chop shop with the Olds’ key in hand we noticed something odd. The Oldsmobile was missing and the stripped MG was still resting on old Jeep tires. We scoured the yard for the Olds. After an hour, we went to the front desk. For a squeaky-voice, pimpled kid going over to Goldies’ manager was a big thing. This guy was a gruff beast. I gained my courage and asked him where the 1976 Olds was down in the yard?
As luck was to have it he had just eaten, so he was more lethargic and was not in the mood to be miserable. "Where was the Olds near the back of the yard near the school busses and the old stripped MGB?" The big guy looked at me and said the most devastating news..."We crushed it"...
I still have the Olds key as my only memento of those days spent at Goldies Junkyard in Millis.