Twyla Gravett-Arnold's 1979 Midget

I have had and loved this car since 1981. When my husband, Gail, nick-named "Stretch", and I were newly married he had to drive my MG Midget back and forth to work for a week while his car was broken down. The interesting thing about this is that my husband is six foot nine inches tall barefoot. In nice weather we would drive with the top down and he would wear his sunglasses as a personal windshield to keep the wind and bugs out of his eyes as his head was above the windshield. He got a lot of looks and laughs!

One winter evening, he headed home after closing at the bar where he worked. As it was winter, he had the top up which made him have to tip over his head to see out of the windshield. His legs were so long his knees were pushed up against the steering wheel and the turn-signals. His big ‘ole size 14 feet pushing the pedals. Sometimes more than one with the same foot. So with all the room he has to operate the car, things get a bit tight. This can cause him to move about in his lane. 

Now, it is three o'clock in the morning and here is Stretch in a little MG Midget leaving a bar. The Midget is moving back and forth in its lane as Gail is getting settled in. It catches the eye of the police watching for late night or early morning party-goers. The police officer thinks he has his next moving violation or DUI, so he pulls Gail and the Midget over. This particular cop is one of those macho types. He is thinking he is all that. Wearing his hat low over his eyes, doing the tough voice, chest all puffed out. He walks up and is irritated the window is not rolled down by the time he got there. Gail gets the window rolled down and politely asks why he was pulled over. The officer stated it was because he was swerving in the lane. Gail responds that he is driving his wife's car and it is not easy for him and that he is sure he did not leave his lane. The policeman does not bend to look into the car to see what Gail might be referring to. He responds that with the size of the car it can move quite a lot without actually leaving its lane. He then asks for Gail's driver's license. Now Gail is silently laughing to himself. Thinking, "just wait til he gets a load of him". Gail tells the officer that he will have to "move back". This alarms the policeman, and he quickly puts his hand on his revolver. He asks Gail why. Gail tells him that his wallet is in his back pants pocket and to get it he will have to get out of the car. The officer grudging moves back, still with his hand on his gun.

Now anyone who has ever gotten in or out of the door frame on MG Midget knows it is difficult for a very tall person, so imagine a very, very tall person getting out. Gail had to lean over to the passenger seat to get his legs out of the door frame. Then once his feet were planted he would bend in half to get his head out of the door frame. Then he would start to move forward as he straightened up to his full height of six feet eleven inches in shoes. As he is oozing out and expanding the office is watching in disbelief. I think Gail said his mouth was open in shock. He is stepping farther back and his head is tilting back until he is looking up at Gail a whole foot taller than him. He was probably five foot five or six max. He is in shock someone of Gail's height could ever fit into a MG Midget. He states he understands the lane swerving and off they both go.

We love to tell the story of Stretch and the Midget and the Bull Cop. We laugh over it still.