William Knox's 1972 MG

This is unfair as I am 75 years old and have had so many sports cars since I was a very young man. Three Jaguars, an Austin-Healy, an Alfa Romeo, Three Porsches and a Ferarri 330. All of them I loved greatly. Too many stories to list here. I am now in the process of teaching my grandchildren how to restore a 1972 MG. They have no idea what a SU or Webber carb is. Hopefully it will get them off from their love of pickups and Chevys. I have 8 children and only 1 has followed my love of sport cars. Such a disappointment. In my younger years I rebuilt my Jaguar XK120 six, my Alfa 4 and my Ferarri 330 V12. This does not impress my children/grandchildren. But gives me great pleasure.