Cliff Muehlenberg 1979 MGB

I bought my MG this past spring (2015) and have been making slight improvements to it all along. It's a "B" and the "B" must stand for "Blast" because it is! I've had British cars before when I was just a kid but they started with a "T". My B is starting to look less ratty and I get lots of favorable comments. Just the other day, a woman (much younger than I, and probably still is) told me she had her "first date in a car just like mine...” I told her I had my first date on a buck board. She said she would have guessed maybe a chariot!

My front signal/parking lights are double filament bulbs. They're not as bright as signal lights on cars today. And I wanted them brighter for safety. I considered using hand signals but was afraid the younger generation would have no idea what I was doing and might think I was just drying my nails.

I took the lights apart, cleaned the lenses and contacts and removed an old newspaper that read, "Dewey Wins". I put them back together with modest improvement. So off to the auto parts store and asked if they had a brighter bulb. "Yes we do", he said smartly. The package stated they are "up to 40% brighter". Now you're talking, I thought. I forgot to read the disclaimer that stated, "but not on British cars, dummy!"

I installed them. They had to be better than OE WWII surplus. I closed the garage door. Hey it's dark in here with the door down!
Again, some improvement but the ball didn't quite make it over the fence (a favorite Brewer expression, yeah Cubs too).

When I removed the lens to install the new brighter bulbs, I was again looking at the fake chrome plastic around the bulb. I guessed excessive speed must dull fake chrome faster than an officer can fill out a fresh citation. 

I can I make these reflectors bright and shiny again so they push more light out through my evenly scratched lenses?

Paint...never gets as shiny as the can says it will. How could I make them as bright as the shiny side of 'tin foil'?? Only one way. Use tin foil! Mom would be so proud...

So I ran to the house got the tin foil and my favorite glue. Snip, snip, snip and I had the reflectors covered with brand new shiny tin foil. Slap the scratched lenses back on and voila! More slight improvement!

They do sell LED's for these cars but they're so Star Wars (oh, that's even old, sorry). I may end up getting them anyway just to be safer.

Some things are getting brighter...current driver excluded.