Dreck Watson 1972 Spitfire

A friend called in the Spring of 1987 and asked if I would help him restore a 1972 Spitfire. He lived in a small town about 12 miles from me, not too far to travel where we were in Northwest Florida. I agreed and we removed the body from his Spit, exposing the chassis. We removed all hardware down to the last bolt, sandblasted the frame and recoated with marine primer and marine deep blue paint. 

He soon after moved to Los Angeles, taking the Spit with him. A year later he returned and moved to a very rural area. He parked the Spit (in exactly the same condition it was in when he went to California) under a shed and left it there. That was in 1989. In 2000 he called and asked if I would like to buy the Spit from him. I went and surveyed the car. It was a bare body on the chassis we had painted. All the hardware was in six cardboard boxes. I decided that it was worth it and paid him $1000. I towed it back home (30 miles) and parked it in my garage. 
I worked on it for six weeks to get the wiring harness back together...he had cut it into three sections to remove it from the car initially. I knew he had rebuilt the engine and replaced all the suspension components. I bought and installed a new interior and top. The car was missing some engine compartment components, which I delayed buying due to beginning a move to Columbus, Georgia. I moved there in September 2002 and after 16 months, moved my wife and all household goods (including the Spit) to our new home here in Georgia. 

The Spit sat in my garage, untouched until 2006. My friend, the original owner, called one evening and asked If I still had the Spit. I told him I did and he asked if I would be willing to sell it back to him. After careful thought, I told him yes. He wanted it for his teenaged daughter to finish and drive around. He came up the next weekend and packed the Spit up and towed it back to Florida. I recently visited him in Florida and asked about the Spit. He showed it to me...it was back under the same shed, untouched since I had installed the top back in 2001. He asked if I might want to buy it...again. I declined...